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Is it because I’m a brit that one of my biggest gripes is bad manners of any kind. I was thinking about this the other day and the old adage ‘manners maketh man‘ sprung to mind. I sometimes feel like a regular Miss Manners or Emily Post but I just can’t help myself.

I’ve discovered that I live in a place that has what is known as  ‘Park City time’ which means that almost EVERYONE is always late and it drives me insane!!!! I just think it’s so rude! Being habitually late implies that a person places no value on the other persons time or regards their own time as more important. I have, of course, encountered habitually late people all over the world but it is particularly bad here and I hate it.

There was the window cleaner who told me he would come at 9am. I called him at 9.20 to see where he was and he said another job had come up that had to be done first – no apology – how RUDE!!! Guess who won’t be cleaning my windows next time.

I wish I could be chilled out about it but I’m a busy woman and I plan my day around appointments only to have the whole day screwed up by rude people! Well, I consider that I have been brought up to be well mannered so I shall continue to be obsessively punctual and shall continue to be enraged by lateness even if it raises my blood pressure.

There are plenty of other matters of manners and etiquette that get my goat (must be all the years of nagging from my parents – lol ) and I might just mention them at some point. Gripe over!

Does lateness bother you or what is your own gripe with bad manners? Or do you think old fashioned good manners are just that – old fashioned and outdated?


We arrived in Utah, well Salt Lake City to be exact from my idea of paradise at the end of August 2008. From day one I hated it. I had severe culture shock although I completely skipped the honeymoon stage. I hated the schooling, the people, Salt Lake City, the lack of colour, the lack of beach, the lack of prettiness and gentle beauty. We moved up to sin city (Park City) in the mountains after 2 months in the misery of Salt Lake and met….. noone. Turns out people hibernate from socializing in winter and are too busy skiing and the like to meet up. Our kids started school and Chaz settled into his job and I just mourned the loss of my lovely life. Too be honest I was a complete nightmare about it all and a cow to live with.

I survived that first winter, made myself learn to ski and gradually started to meet people as spring appeared. I joined a book club and a coffee morning and started to settle in. However, I still blamed my husband for ‘making’ me move and spent more time hating everything than enjoying life.

However, a major turning point for me was chancing upon Wayne Dyer on TV. I vaguely remember that he was talking about his book Excuses Begone and I remember him doing a simple demonstration with a closed fist and an open palm – I think! I wasn’t even paying full attention but something stuck and I realized that changing this stinking thinking of mine was the only way out of this.

From that very moment I started to almost ‘act as if’ I was happy. I put a big smile on my face when my hubby came home every day, every time I started to blame him for our move I turned it around to say that he was trying to do the best for our family (which is, of course, the truth), I started to see the good in the place and the people and had a constant inner voice telling me to not listen to the negative thoughts. Do you know what – it gradually worked. Not only that but I started to use this approach to everything – I now choose to be happy. That’s not to say I don’t have the odd moment and I can spit feathers at times as I’m a little feisty on occasion ;). However, I have learnt that I can change the way I look at things and that, indeed, the things I’m looking at then change.

How do you deal with the negatives? Are there any specific inspirational people or sayings that have helped you to change the way you look at things? Do you think messages often appear when you need them?