About Me

I am Louise Edington, originally from the UK, both a loving wife and older Mum of two girls and a Coordinator for a Cultural Exchange AuPair Program. I decided to become a Coordinator so that I could find new families and, thereby, help young people experience the amazing opportunity for Cultural Exchange that I received as a live in AuPair many years ago. In my previous incarnations I have run in home family day care, run an Ebay shop and also sold clothing through direct selling. I have also lived in England, Northern Ireland, Canada, the USA, Australia and now the USA again. I currently live in the mountains of Utah where it snows – a lot – in winter.

I am organized, friendly, approachable, helpful, hard working, ambitious, fun loving, smart, honest, loveable and determined. I have also been described as naughty, teasing and obsessed with the snow. My favourite quote is “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” – John Lennon

Louise Edington is very proud to be the first in her company to graduate from The Social Networking Coaching Club with Ann Evanston. Louise is also proud of the fact that she learnt to ski at the age of 49 and did her first zipline at 50. She is passionate about learning and believes that she learns at least one new useful thing each and every day. She blogs about this and other things in https://louiseedington.wordpress.com/ – feel feel to read and follow (or rather please do – lol)

One of her host parents said of Louise “Louise has been a wonderful Coordinator. She is knowledgeable about the AuPair program as well as being an Aupair, organized, caring and a lovely person to get to know over the past year. I know that she greatly enriches the lives of all the young people in the AuPair program.” The Bamberg Family.

And one of her AuPairs said “Louise, I can not thank you enough for being such an wonderful, loving, giving, caring and supporting Coordinator. From the first day you have been there for me and even before I came to the US you contacted me and gave me a safe and good feeling about this new experience. Through out my year here you have been more then a Coordinator. You have become a real friend to me and you will sure be one of the people I miss most when I go back home. You have always had an open ear for our problems and concerns but also for our little fun stories, you have shown so much interest. So again…Thank you Louise!

  1. Dawn says:

    Here’s watching you …. the world will be tuning into your blog before you know it x

  2. Thanks Dawn! So glad you took a look 🙂

  3. tracy cota says:

    Louise – congrats on being Ann Evanston’s fan of the week, and for starting a new blog! You are very inspirational here. You are really taking advantage of all the coaching club stuff we are getting to learn thru C4 and Cultural Care Au Pair — soon you are going to be the expert! I can’t wait to do as much as you are doing. They built shelves in all the closets yesterday, so I finally have a place to put stuff. I am hoping to feel a little more settled soon…

  4. tracy cota says:

    Your blog is great Louise! Congrats on getting it started and for taking advantage of all that we are getting to learn with Ann Evanston’s c4 and Cultural Care Au Pair. You are going to be the blog expert soon. Can’t wait to feel caught up enough to be able to dive back in myself!

    • Thanks Tracy. You started ahead of the game so I’m sure you’ll race it when you get sorted out :). I remember googling your name when I first applied to be a coordinator and you were all over the first page (and I’m sure you still are) – I was very impressed but I’m there too now! I’ll look forward to following your blog too.

  5. Laine D says:

    Hey Louise,

    I’m glad I dropped in and took a look! Blogging, skiing, raising kids and being Brits surviving overseas – we definitely have a lot in common!

    You’re right learning and challenging yourself to do and experience new things even at this age is great for us and is also a great example for those around us (our kids and those not so young). Tom Clancy said “Life is about learning; when you stop learning, you die” and I vaguely remember a similar quote from Einstein.

    I look forward to being inspired by more about your adventures.


  6. Laine D says:

    lol ‘of’ not ‘about’! pressed send too soon

    • Or one my coach Ann Evanston gave me the other day. When you’re green you’re growing and when you’re ripe you’re rotten 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by Laine – I’ll see you on your blog later.

  7. Louise – love the blog and look forward to following you!

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