A Trip To The Hair Salon For My Girls

Posted: August 25, 2010 in Musings in General, Older Mums, Uncategorized
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Yesterday I took my lovely girls to the hair salon so they could look even more beautiful for the first day of school tomorrow. My eldest is 12 and going into 7th grade and my youngest is 10 and going into 5th. Our lovely hairdressers Marcie, who works at Salon Dante in SLC is great with my girls (which is why we drive so far to see her) and really listens to what they want and tactfully steers them to safer waters if they want something too outrageous.

I am very proud that my girls have their own sense of style and I’ve always tried to encourage their self expression. We’ve always had an extensive dressing up box, for example. I have never, despite being an older mum, expected my kids to ‘act like they are 40’ as the person who started this discussion on Pregnancy and Parenting suggested older mums do; and which inspired my blog post On Being An Older Mum. So, I thought I’d let you see a few photos of our trip to the hair salon.

Gone are the days that I can get away with a dry trim – it’s the full wash and style now. They love being pampered! My eldest, Molly, chose a style from a book and Marcie did a great job of replicating it. My youngest, Alice is at the stage where she likes to be a bit crazy – hence the mismatched shoes. They were a great deal so I bought two pairs – she loves to wear the different colors at the same time. In my opinion the end results are gorgeous but then I’m heavily biased.

How do you encourage your kids creativity? Do you let them pick their own style, within reason? Or do you, like some of my friends, pick your kids clothes for them and feel they have to look matched and ‘put together?

  1. I do have to pick my son’s clothes only because as a boy he has no regard for what he is wearing whether it be a mix matched pattern or a color or covered in food stains if it fits he will wear it
    In some ways it is easier because I never have to fight with him or nor do we have several out fit changes a day but it does worry me if he will ever grow some style and be able to match an outfit himself if needed…

  2. Your daughter’s are beautiful and their haircuts look great!!

    Oh, and I love the shoes — gotta get myself some of those! 🙂

    Can’t wait to do that kind of stuff with my daughter…

  3. deb says:

    oh wow they both look gorgeous, it is such a treat for them to have the works isn’t it! Milly really enjoyed having hers done the other week!

  4. suelovell says:

    The girls look fabulous. Courtney and I both enjoyed the photos. Its part of the fun of having a daughter or in your case Louise daughters. Mitch got spruced up for the Y8 dinner, skinny black dress jeans, black hat, thin grey silk tie , checked shoes. He looked great but I have no pictures yet. He had to get used to the tight jeans but was ok with them on the night. Rachel and I took him shopping ( she has a brilliant style sense). She also took Courtney shopping earlier this year and they cam home with some great gear. I reciprocated by taking her son to canoeing.

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