I wrote in this earlier blog post how I overcame a whole load of fears and learnt to ski at the age of 49. Well, ever since then I have decide that there are certain things I am going to make myself do before I am too old to do them – my bucket list I guess. The main one on the list was to try something that the very thought of has always terrified me – to ride the zipline at Park City Mountain Resort. I had seen these things on TV and, since I’ve always had a fear of heights, thought that this would be a big no no. However, having overcome that fear to a degree whilst learning to ski I began to think maybe, just maybe I could do this.

I did, however, have a feeling that I might chicken out so I told my husband and girls that I was going to do it and to make doubly sure I arranged my August AuPair meeting at the resort so that some of my girls would do it too. Funnily enough, turns out most of them wouldn’t do it as they are just like I was at their age – over fearful but there were other things to enjoy at the resort so it made for a fun meeting.

Anyway – having husband, two daughters and my AuPairs there meant that there was now no way I could chicken out so I bought my ticket and Natalie from Austria and I decided to do it together (thanks Natalie – I love you!). By the time we reached the line at the top I was beginning to get nervous and as our turn came I was wondering if I could back out there but I just though ‘stop it!’ – you HAVE to go through with this. I was shaking as the guy strapped me into the harness and then he flipped the lever to let us go.

Well all I can say is WOW!!!!! It was an amazing rush from that first second. I loved every moment of it and Natalie and I are now planning on doing a longer, faster zipline at Utah Olympic Park. As an older Mum I am so proud of myself for doing this. My husband and daughters loved seeing me get such a rush from it and I feel I proved to my AuPair group that I’m not an old fuddy duddy at fifty :). I think the pics show how much I enjoyed it 😀

I finally feel at the age of fifty that I can do ANYTHING I choose to do. Tell me your stories of overcoming or facing up to fears. Or what’s on your bucket list? Do you have anything you feel inspired to just get on and do after reading this?

  1. Looks like fun! How many zip lines do you have near you?! I wouldn’t have a clue where the nearest to me is, but would like to have a go! I saw one on that ‘coach trip’ programme where it was something like two miles long and a mile off the ground! You’d be gutted if you got stuck in the middle. Nice one Lou!

    • We have two that I know of – planning to do the other one soon (apparantly steeper and faster). Don’t know if I’d fancy a two mile long one though esp if it’s a mile off the ground! Happy I’ve done the one I have – never thought I’d do it. Thanks Scott.

  2. Oh, Louise…. how you inspire me! As I wrote you on facebook yesterday, I have had opportunities to try zip-lines, and have always chickened-out! Like you, I have a little fear of heights thing going on…but, if you can conquer your fear, I think maybe I can too. After looking at your pictures yesterday, I actually looked into zip-lines around here (a number of them at Tahoe and in the gold country—both close to me). SO… before summer ends, I just may join you as a late-bloomer, conquering her fears 🙂

    • Just look at that big look of triumph on my face right after Heidi. That shows just how exhilarated I was by the whole thing. It was so awesome and I look forward to hearing when you ahev done one too 🙂

  3. Shoshanna says:

    Congratulations on overcoming a major fear! Now you can enjoy greater freedom in your life. I’m sure we can look forward to many posts about your traveling adventures! Inspiring post, though I still don’t want to sky-dive.

    • Thanks for your comment! I am very excited to have done this – especially before my daughters can do it (they aren’t quite heavy enough yet)! I am now cool again in their eyes as I can’t do roller coasters with them because I get motion sickness – lol. I still don’t want to sky dive either though – or bungee jump 😀

  4. Darcie Newton says:

    I just love that you Are conquering things at 50…it is never to late. I had a similar experience just this weekend although my motivation came in a different form. My husband told me that my daughters commented that I probably wouldn’t participate in the ropes course they were contemplating because I never do anything fun. WOW…what a wake up call.

    We hit the ropes course the next morning and I surprised myself by climbing up a 100ft tree (it had climbing holds in it.). Ringing the bell at the top was my way of shouting out to my daughters that mom is fun and can still surprise them. I was equally proud of my daughters for the fears they overcame and the perseverance they displayed when they climbed to a 65ft platform…it is great to see the confidence in their eyes.

    • Oh now that is motivation! I too felt ‘boring’ as I can’t go on a lot of rides with them because of motion sickness (it’s the being thrown around that gets me – not fear) and I just can’t let my kids think that of me. I would also find it very challenging to climb the 100ft tree but I think I would do it anyway now.

  5. One word…Badass! What an awesome accomplishment! I’m working on a bucket list and zip lining is one of my items. I can’t wait to get it done, especially seeing how much fun you had. The pics say it all.


  6. Congratulations on conquering your fear! It looks like you had a blast and I love the fact that you’re going for it – it shows that we can truly do anything no matter what our age and that living life to its fullest is all about the choices we make. I was lucky enough to get to do a ropes course with a zip line when I was in high school and it was amazing. Like Darcie, I too had to leap off the platform and grab the ring. It’s a reminder to me when I’m standing on the edge with my business to just leap for it and that if I believe I can and reach hard enough, I can grab the ring and reach my goals.

    • Thanks Jennifer. Oh yes, this means so much more than just doing a zipline. I’m fairly new in my business and doing these things reminds me to ‘just do it’ in business too!

  7. You rock! Zip-lining is so much fun. My 17 yo daughter and I did it together a few months ago and it was awesome! We were both scared and I thought for sure she was going to chicken-out. But, the boys hooking us up to the line were young and cute so she did it and she was so proud of herself afterward. Of course, I was proud of her too. It was a fab mother-daughter moment. One that we will always remember.

    You are an inspiration. Keep facing those fears and having fun along the way!

  8. Jean Bentley says:

    Girl, you are awesome! Congratulations! I believe you can do anything you put your mind to! I’ve ridden a zip line before but, it wasn’t that long, I was shaking like a leaf before I took off, but since I was the 2 Women Marines out of 98 Marines, I could not and would not chicken out.

  9. Irene Turner says:

    You rock Louise! I am in awe of your courage in overcoming your fear of heights…which I share and am not so sure I’m ready to give that one up yet! I can walk up cliff paths now, which is better then I used to be…but a zip line? not so sure.

    • Hey Irene, I think a zipline is actually less scary than cliff paths now that I’ve done it so I think you would be fine. I’ve decided I have a healthy fear of falling rather than a fear of heights and I didn’t feel like I was going to fall on the zipline… Thanks for commenting.

  10. Donna McCord says:

    I am impressed! That was so brave of you to stand up to your fears! I have a slight fear of heights also, or anything that takes my feet off the ground! Also have a fear of getting up in front of people and risking making a fool of myself, which I face every week in my Leads Group where I must stand up and talk about my business as well as every so often do a 10 minute presentation to our group — it is always something I get anxious about, but I do give myself grace for facing it and not browning out! When I was younger I overcame my fear of water and learned to water ski. I understand how doing something we would rather not do and being successful at it can strengthen us and prepare us for the next challenge that comes along!

  11. What a great story Louise. You faced your fear, made a commitment, took it public, positioned yourself to not back out, ended up partnering with a friend, celebrated and told the world.

    I’m inspired! You rock! Rock climbing next?

  12. Oh man- I LOVE that last picture of you. You should carry it around with you and everytime you feel hesitant about something, whip it out of your pocket, take a look at it, and then you will be able to do anything! (Next time you have to public speak, paper-clip it to your notes!)

    I have been pretty lucky in that I don’t have fears (that I know about). I was always one of those obnoxious people who wanted to go first, no matter what it was. Being older now, it would be really interesting to try something new to see if that was still the case! I’ve skydived (skydove?), never ziplined (that would be great fun, especially seeing the triumph in your face) although thinking about bungee jumping might just make me hesitate!

    I so admire people who overcome their fears, no matter what they are. Great work Lou!

    Candace C. Davenport
    Our Little Books

    • Candace – you’re right! I am going to carry that picture around to remind me of how good I felt right then. I admire people like you who don’t let fear rule their life but I’m getting better at overcoming those fears whereas for years I wouldn’t even try! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  13. Aerin says:

    wow great, we can book go ape for when you come here 😀

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  16. Congrats on facing your fears – what a fun experience and fun to read! Not sure if I could do it down the side of a mountain…through the tree tops sounds more my speed 🙂
    Brandy Mychals
    Jewelry for Your Target Market

  17. amy donovan says:

    always awesome to see someone realize a fear, acknowledge it, and then show it who’s the boss. 🙂 love this blog, louise, + LOVE the pics you posted! you can so see the power, excitement + success in the one of you!! thanks for sharing another great story.

  18. What can I say Louise. You are my hero! I agree that fifty does something to the mind, kind of cleaves through the fear and makes you do it anyway. My heart almost stopped, reading all about your momentous moment. And when you did it, wasn’t it so much better than you thought and definitely less scary? That is what I love about doing things I never thought I would or could. Expansion of soul and happiness…dont you love it?

    The Home Makeover Mixtress blending cool and cozy style.

  19. way better than expected and infinitely less scary. It really has expanded my sould and happiness – I’m still glowing. Thanks Jen 🙂

  20. way better than expected and infinitely less scary. It really has expanded my soul and happiness – I’m still glowing. Thanks Jen 🙂

  21. […] (well enclosed spaces might still be an issue – LOL) and I’m even thinking of doing a zipline this summer with my AuPairs. I now look back at those years where I was full of fear and refused to […]

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