Last night I read a blog post written by a new bloggy friend of mine Jess Webb and, as often seems to happen, the blog post really hit home. Always seem to get messages right when you need them!

Things are really happening for me right now. I have been a Childcare Coordinator for Cultural Care Au Pair for a year finding new host families and nurturing their relationship with their Au Pair. However, it’s really only since March when I took over the area where I live that this business ‘clicked’ for me. The next piece of the puzzle was my company giving me the awesome chance to take a Social Networking Coaching Course with Ann Evanston. Well I am just loving it – I was fairly (well very) active on social media already but was just messing around really. Now the course is giving me a focus – to build my business.

The problem right now for me is that I am so excited by all that’s happening; sales are coming in, I may get a trip to Stockholm, Sweden, I’m meeting some amazing people through online networking; that I’m starting to get ‘scattered’ and losing focus.

I find it hard to know which job to do first, second etc. It doesn’t help that the kids are on summer vacation too and that I have the guilt of not ‘entertaining’ them all the time because all I want to do right now is build this business.

So, how am I handling this? On a good day (and the lovely Jess’s post has reminded me to do this again) I have learned to do the the following

  1. Take ACTION as per Jess’s blog post. Just do – don’t think about it.
  2. Make lists – I have lists for everything now – lists of must do’s and lists of little extras that need fitting in whenever.
  3. I’m finally using google calender to schedule everything – I’ve never been good at this but realized I needed to have a master diary when I forgot my eldest was being picked up by a friends mum and we weren’t here when they turned up – oh dear! Luckily they forgave me.

Life has got scarily and excitingly busy for me right now and I want to reap the rewards and reach my goals – I just have to remember to do all the above to help me cope and do it all.

What tactics do you use to get focused and ‘get the job done?’ Do you have any other hints and tips?

  1. I am impressed you are as far into Ann Evanston’s training as you are. I think I need to also read Jess’s post because I so agree with you about the kids being off of school and feeling guilty about working. I need an au pair:)

  2. Thanks for sharing…I suffer from the same problem. Especially with the online stuff because there is just so much you can do. The kids are a whole other story. One thing that has helped me is to use my office whiteboard to write down at the end of every day the 5 most important things I must get done the next day. Then when I come into my office io see that and focus on those first.

    The other thing that helps with the kids (mine are 9 and 13) is I promise them one activity a day (usually a small one, sometimes a bigger one) IF they entertain themselves without the TV. Helps them to find focus too.

    Love your posts, keep them coming. ;D

    • Thanks Darcie! A whiteboard – what a marvellous idea! Also the tip about the kids. This is my first summer working so hard at home and I’ve been relying a little too much on the TV sitter I think. So, that’s a very good idea. Maybe I’ll promise Ice cream later today…… Thanks!

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  3. Jess Webb says:

    Hi Louise!
    Finally getting caught up from the week out of town and managed to get over here to your post! Thanks so much for the mention – I am honored! πŸ™‚

    The iCal is a good idea. I recently started using my iPod Touch with its Calendar app to keep track of appointments and events. Before I used a paper day planner and was intimidated by trying to do it digitally. lol. I am getting used to it, though, and finding it quite convenient! It syncs between the iPod, Outlook Calendar and Google Calendar so no matter where I am, I have my Calendar readily available! I am loving it. πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks Jess! And I’ve actually switched to google calender – find it slightly easier and I figure I can use it everywhere! So – do you use an ipod and an itouch? I was going to give my itouch to my daughter when I get my ipod……

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