I mentioned in this blog post that I got dragged kicking and screaming from the Adelaide Hills so I thought I’d tell you a little about our time there. We arrived in Adelaide from the UK on Australia Day in 2007 after a year long wait for our residency visas. I loved the place from the minute I got there. We moved straight into a rental I had found through an online forum in the Adelaide Hills in a lovely little village called Piccadilly and I thought I’d found my own little piece of paradise.

What is it that I loved about the Adelaide Hills you ask? You might regret asking! I loved the colours and smells of the gum trees. I loved the birds; the lorikeets, magpies and kookaburras. I loved the sunshine and the laid back life style. I loved my coffee girls, the wonderful bunch of friends I met up with and spent almost every Friday morning with. I loved the fact there were butchers and greengrocers and lovely little independent retailers.I loved having amazing empty beaches a short drive away.

I loved the schooling; my kids got very little homework, did lots of PE, an instrument and a language in elementary school and still received a good education in the basics. I adored our little log cabin that we bought after 4 months with our 1/2 acre of native garden which was home to more than one koala on occasion.

I loved our 4 wheel drive/camping trip in the outback and our trips to the beautiful empty beaches. My life there made me smile – a lot – but karma/life/whatever had other plans for me as hubby’s company decided to relocate us to Utah after only 19 months in my Paradise. But that’s another story. I learnt that again, life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans (thanks again John Lennon) and to never say never. This gives me on one hand a sense of freedom and on the other a sense of instability depending on my mood.

Have you ever found somewhere that you thought was your place and had to leave? Do you think as I now do that maybe you just weren’t there long enough and that you had to leave whilst in the honeymoon stage?  Or do you think there is such a thing as one right place for you? Having moved around a lot in my life I am not sure of that but would love to know what you all think.

  1. Bruce Barone says:

    It’s a good question. I haven’t moved around all that much and no where near as beautiful as what you describe. I take that back. It IS beautiful here in Western Massachusetts. Here, look: http://www.brucebarone.com/MittineaguePark.htm And here:
    http://www.brucebarone.com/TheLowerMillPond.htm And here, too: http://www.brucebarone.com/MountTom.htm

    But when I have moved I have always tried to make where I am “home.” I think home is where the heart is and for me this involves friends, family, food, art, music.

    • Thanks for your comment Bruce. Such beautiful pictures!

      I think it was more than the beauty of the place that filled my soul in The Adelaide Hills but I can’t go back and home is with my husband and kids so I am learning to make the best of wherever we are.

  2. Mikyla gilbert says:

    Lovely blog. If you love the Adelaide Hills you should get your hands on the Adelaide Hills Magazine.

  3. Physical homes and spiritual homes have nothing to do with each other. My physical home is in Dublin. My Village in Ireland now is Rathmines, but my Emotional home is Annascaul in Co Kerry. My Spiritual Home is a little Kingdom in the South of India named Nanded (pronounced Nandir). The Godavari, the 5th Sacred River of the Hindu’s runs through it. It is also the place where the 10th Sikh Guru died of wounds inflicted on him. It is the place where the Sikh King Ranjit Singh built a Temple in memory of Guru Gobind Singh. Its one of the most peaceful places I have ever been. Spiritual homes are the places you spend a short time in but carry around with you for the rest of your life. Paris had a similar effect. As I got off the plane in Charles De Gaulle in 1995 I had a distinct feeling of coming home. Whether this was an Artistic Home or a Spiritual Home I don’t know but I do feel I can have one or more of each. M

    • Thanks for that Martin! What a wonderful way to look at it – The Adelaide hills are definitely my spiritual home. Do you fee a little displaced living somewhere that doesn’t fill your spirit as I do? I am doing well here now but still look around and miss that fulfillment I felt in the Adelaide Hills some days……. Nanded sounds like a wonderful place by the way.

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