Me - second from left with friends and my daughters

So, our second winter in Utah I decided to try and improve at skiing as much as possible and bought season passes for the whole family. After all us older mums have to keep up with our kids and my kids were getting really good at skiing. After my first few times out I was bored stiff with the one and only green slope and decided to take myself off down an easy blue. I called my hubby, who was elsewhere on the mountain with a friend of ours, and told him I was going to give it a try and he wanted to come and help me. I told him I wanted no pressure and would rather try alone – I always hate the feeling that I’m holding anyone back and would much rather fail alone than have someone ‘help’ me. I felt sick to my stomach as I rode up the chairlift and felt my legs turn to jelly as we approached the top. Well, it took a while (erm ages) to get down the run and I fell down a more than a few times but I DID IT!!!

There was no looking back then.

  • I took another lesson and spent the rest of the winter gradually improving.
  • read skiing books
  • I watched learn to ski videos by Lasse Lyck on youtube over and over (I always throw myself into things whole heartedly when I decide to do something).
  • I joined a ski forum for women and read and reread hints and tips and asked questions.

I think I skiied around 40 times in total; sometimes alone, sometimes skiing with the children and Chaz (though he snowboards) and sometimes with friends.

By the end of winter, I was tackling some quite difficult blues and going all over the mountain and had whole days where I didn’t fall over once! I even tackled DEEP powder when we had some late big snowfalls. Amazing what mileage will do. I must say I’m quite chuffed with myself for overcoming my fears and I’ve had a few ‘break through’ moments where I get the wind in my hair, it all feels good and I shout ‘I CAN SKI!!!” with a big grin on my face and my kids are very proud of their mum! Learning to ski has given me a sense that I could do anything now (well enclosed spaces might still be an issue – LOL) and I’m even thinking of doing a zipline this summer with my AuPairs. I now look back at those years where I was full of fear and refused to try and ‘do’ things and wonder who that woman was.

Have you ever had any break through moments that have helped you to change how you see yourself?

  1. John says:

    I’m absolutely not allowed to ski — I’d kill myself just getting off the ski lift (I’m tall & clumsy – if I go the day without a severe bruise, I consider the day a victory). However, it was a zipline that got me to see myself a bit differently. Alaskan cruise, zipline through the forests of Ketchekan – it was magical. I suffered a real bad arm injury from a 10 foot fall and have always had distances with heights. I still remember the moment, going from “I’m gonna die I’m gonna die I’m gonna die” to “wow, it’s beautiful up here” on one of the longer runs.

    Now, I do a bunch of things that I was afraid to do – biking across the country is one of the ones I’ll get to soon 🙂

  2. Thanks John! I’m looking forward to the zipline and nice to know it can be done with fear of heights. That’s the only one in my plan right now but who knows what I’ll come up with next.

  3. Aerin says:

    Who is the little one at the end in the black jacket? I can’t see their face but they look like a pro.
    Very jealous of you doing the zipwire. Have lots of fun 😀

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